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Here there will be a short description on the easy steps for implementing Passkeys with OwnID

For my backend I use
Step 1

Install React OwnID SDK on your project with the following command:

Step 2

Import the SDK library and initialize it. you will need to import getAuth, getIDToken and signInWithCustomToken if your project is not using these functions already

Step 3

Once you have imported and initialized the OwnIDSDK, you'll then add the code to render the OwnID button next to the password field.

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Developers - everything you have to know about Passkeys

Apple Passkeys is a standards-based technology that aims to replace passwords with a more secure alternative.
Apple Passkeys is Apple's implementation of the Multi-device FIDO credential on the client side and WebAuthn on the server side. The client side integrates support for the Apple device's biometric face and fingerprint sensors. If users are on a device that lacks these sensors, Apple Passkeys will authenticate users via their two-factor authentication system.